Covid, D’Amato: “Ready to vaccinate during the European Championships”

“The regional health service is ready to carry out” anti Covid “vaccinations also on the occasion of the next European football championships that the city of Rome will host. If requested by the competent Federation, we are able to set up vaccine administration points during sport events”. Thus in a note the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato. “The model is the one already tested in America by the NBA and specifically by the Milwaukee Bucks who vaccinated their fans between the first and second half of basketball games”, added D’Amato. BY AUGUST VACCINES TO 80% OF THE POPULATION “Getting to cover 80% of the population of Lazio by August is currently an achievable goal. With the exception of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, we have an increasing trend on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines” he said. said D’Amato, during the hearing on the vaccination plan. D’Amato took stock of the trend of the epidemiological curve and the vaccination campaign. “There is a tendency to keep the Rt value below one – he explained – just as the occupancy rates of beds in the medical area and in intensive care are slightly but progressively decreasing. However, attention must be kept high. , because at this moment our attention is linked to the variants of the virus “. Recalling the 23 positive cases found on the flight from India that landed at Fiumicino last week, from which only one confirmed case of an Indian variant emerged, D’Amato renewed his invitation “to coordinate more strongly, at European level. , the monitoring and screening activity, to avoid that all the burden falls on Lazio, both as regards swabs in airports and for quarantines. We also need that there are quarantines controlled rather than trustworthy, because on certain occasions it is complicated make sure they happen “. The commissioner also reported that the screening activity continues in the Sikh communities of southern Lazio, “but at the moment the Indian variant has not been detected and this comforts us”. “At the moment we have exact knowledge of the deliveries in May – he explained regarding the vaccination campaign – which are about 1.2 million doses of the vaccine, of which 836 thousand by Pfizer, 215 thousand by AstraZeneca, 133 thousand by Johnson & Johnson and 98 thousand by Modern. We are pleased to note an important increase in Pfizer, while we are below the threshold for AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. It is a situation not yet optimal, because to achieve stable 50,000 doses per day we would need another 300,000 doses of the vaccine “. After recalling that the two million administrations have been exceeded, D’Amato stressed that “we would like to arrive at the end of May to have completed the reservations up to the fiftieth year of age”. “In the next month, the vaccination campaign will enter a phase in which it will have to be more proactive, especially aimed at younger age groups”, underlined in a note. The councilor also made it known that “towards the end of May, pharmacies with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and that about 1,300 have joined the vaccination campaign, while from June we will be able to think about strengthening the doses for general practitioners “. D’Amato then announced the opening of other vaccination hubs in the Latina fair area, in Aprilia and in the Frosinone area, at an industrial plant in the municipality of Torrice.