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Curfew Italy, reopening and zones: what can change


Curfew in Italy, reopenings, Rt index, red, orange and yellow zone. These and others are the topics related to the coronavirus pandemic that will be on the table in the control room scheduled for Monday. Meanwhile, new epidemiological data are expected for tomorrow on which the decisions of Palazzo Chigi will depend, starting with those on any color changes and on the curfew that could be moved to 11 pm. The trend of infections is decreasing in many regions and for some, from Molise to Sardinia, we are once again talking about a possible white zone. The government’s line, also confirmed yesterday by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, remains however that of prudence and safe reopening. The support decree bis, postponed to next week, would also have been postponed to ‘weigh up’ the government’s decisions on reopening. If in fact some sectors were called to deal with confirmed or prolonged closures or squeezes, then the refreshments contained in the 40 billion decree will have to take this into account, guaranteeing aid. From here, too, as we learn, derives the government’s decision to postpone the CDM later, in a Council of Ministers that is not excluded it will be held on Monday, after the control room on reopening. chance to arrive not only on the curfew but also on the parameters, such as the Rt index, which determine the risk of the regions and therefore their position in the different risk bands. On the shifting of the curfew, at least at 11pm, the pressing of the regions continues. “There is no doubt that it could be expanded even more than 23, but I want to bring the balance that was found with all the other governors, otherwise I would be incorrect”, explained the president of Friuli Venezia Giulia and of the Conference of Regions Massimiliano Fedriga. “The premier, it seems to me, wants to go towards the reopening anticipating the provisions of the same decree – added Fedriga -. I remember that today there is a decree that is also valid in the coming months, in which we speak, for example, of the opening of the restaurants indoors only until 6 pm and from June 1. Here, an evaluation should be made on this. Surely if we decide to eat indoors, let’s allow it to do so until 10 pm, otherwise it would be strange. June 1st? As a conference we have proposed to anticipate it “. Openings in this sense have also come from scientists. “Given that the choice obviously belongs to politics and given that even the numbers we will have on Friday will certainly be used to make decisions, I believe that there is scope for a postponement of the movement restriction schedule further on. Then, whether it will be 11pm or midnight, the choice is up to the government, but it is worth remembering, as the Prime Minister also said, the North Star of the gradual and progressive easing of the various measures “, the words of Franco Locatelli , president of the Higher Health Council. As for the possible reopening of indoor restaurants and shopping centers over the weekend, “these choices too – he added – obviously belong to the Government. It is clear that the more we are able to keep the” Covid-19 situation under control ” the more there is room for considering reopening “. HOSPITAL RT INDEX Probable news also coming to risk assessment, with more attention paid to the hospital Rt index. “It is an indicator that in the context of a population that is becoming more and more vaccinated, therefore protected from the risk of serious illness, provides a clear indication of the pressure on health services”, Locatelli highlighted, explaining that balances between the parameters “in the context of the Scientific Technical Committee we have already been discussing for a few weeks”. Health, Roberto Speranza, seemed more cautious: The model “worked and allowed us to face the second and third wave without a generalized lockdown, but with specific territorial measures”, underlined the minister during his speech at the meeting of the regions. . “Now, in the new phase, characterized by the strong progress of the vaccination campaign and the improvements due to the measures adopted, we are working with the Higher Institute of Health and with the Regions to adapt the model by imagining a greater centrality of indicators such as the incidence and the overload of hospital services. We are committed to safeguarding the use of early warning systems – he highlighted – that can allow adequate and timely interventions, always differentiating between different territories “.

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