• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Rain and thunderstorms from North to South, forecasts for today and for the weekend


May 13, 2021

Italy continues to be reached by a slew of perturbed impulses generated by a depression center that has been stationed for several days near the United Kingdom. At least until the weekend the weather will often be unstable and sometimes even disturbed, not only in the North and on part of the Center, but this time also in the South. The team of the website www.iLMeteo.it informs that after a Thursday that will pass with a new intense worsening in the North (especially in the Triveneto area) and in part of the Center, from Friday yet another North Atlantic disturbance will reach Italy with showers and thunderstorms which, especially from the afternoon from the North and Sardinia will gradually extend towards the rest of the Center and at the end day in the South as well. The unstable front will leave the country on Saturday with thunderstorms in the South and the last ones on the Triveneto, then on Sunday a providential recovery of the high pressure will improve the weather in most of the regions, even with a slightly ‘ hotter. Temperatures still below the average of the period with maximum values ​​that will be around 17-20 ° C, very few to be in mid-May. IN DETAIL Thursday 13th. In the north: increasingly unstable weather in Lombardy and the Northeast with rains or thunderstorms from the afternoon and then evening. In the center: at times unstable in the Apennines and neighboring areas and in Lazio. In the south: some storms on the lower Tyrrhenian. Friday 14. In the north: very unstable in all regions. Middle: worsens from Sardinia to the rest of the regions. In the south: worsens in the evening in all regions. Saturday 15. In the north: a bit unstable on the Triveneto, sun elsewhere. Center: sunny. In the south: last morning thunderstorms. Sunday other thunderstorms in the north.