Chaos prosecutors, Palamara: “Stranger to corruption, never been anyone’s servant”

“Today for the first time I have entered into the merits of the facts that are being contested and I have documented my extraneousness to any form of corruption, of not having received payments and not having paid for renovations. I have never been anyone’s servant and never could have been Fabrizio Centofanti’s with whom I had a relationship of acquaintance with magistrates and men of the institutions and not a clandestinity relationship ”. This was said by former CSM councilor Luca Palamara who today during the preliminary hearing made spontaneous statements and underwent interrogation. For him, the prosecutors of Perugia in the last hearing reiterated the request for indictment for corruption. “Citizens cannot be deceived by saying that there have been dinners where appointments were decided,” he adds. And with regard to the statements made by Centofanti last June, Palamara replies: “Obviously, in this phase those involved are trying to free themselves but I will go all the way to demonstrate the correctness of my work”. DEFENSE PALAMARA – “Palamara’s declarations were accompanied by a series of documents confirming what he said, he also reconstructed some temporal elements with precision. He therefore made it clear that he had never enslaved his function “says the lawyer Benedetto Buratti who, together with Roberto Rampioni and Mariano Buratti, defends the former councilor CSM Palamara, explains his defender,” he wanted to be questioned. Su Centofanti made it clear that it was a relationship not with the lobbyist but with his friend – underlines the criminal lawyer – He also clarified that Centofanti has never tried to enter the appointments or functions exercised by Palamara ”.