• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Migrants, transfers to Lampedusa begin: 850 leave hotspots


May 13, 2021

It was a race against time in Lampedusa to empty the hotspot, from days to collapse after the maxi arrivals on Sunday. Last night 80 migrants left for Porto Empedocle on the Cossyra ferry, leaving 1,583 guests in the Imbriacola district. And this morning, thanks to favorable weather conditions, the transfer machine, coordinated by the Prefecture of Agrigento, resumed at full speed. The goal is to lighten the structure before any new landings, favored by the calm sea again. For 600, the transfer to the quarantine ship Azzurra is in progress, which after days at anchor in Lampedusa managed to dock in cala Pisana. In the morning, another 250 migrants will leave the hotspot: these are unaccompanied minors who will board the Sansovino ferry to Porto Empedocle and from here will be transferred to Taranto.