• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Vaccini Covid Lombardia, Moratti: “Ok only until the end of May”


May 13, 2021

Lombardy continues the vaccination campaign at full speed, with almost 4.5 million vaccines administered, 95.5 percent of the doses delivered and a rate of 85,000 injections per day. And, Letizia Moratti assures us, “much more could be done if we had more doses”. In an interview with La Stampa, the vice president of the Lombardy Region and councilor for Welfare explains that the goal was 140 thousand vaccines a day, however “it does not depend only on us: in the meeting held on Tuesday with General Figliuolo we had assurances on deliveries only up to at the end of May. But we do not know how many vaccines will arrive in June, for example. This is a problem that the Commissioner can only solve by dealing with Europe “. Not only. As the summer season approaches, various unknowns also appear. Among these, the management of recalls. In fact, there are many vaccinated people who say they do not want to return from their holidays in Lombardy for the second dose: “We have vaccinated all those who work here despite not having a residence – explains Moratti – but we are aware that the holiday problem exists. . We are working in the Region to avoid making appointments during the peak period, ie mid-August, when many will be on vacation. We hope for collaboration between regions at least as regards Lombard workers “. After all, “if a person has to take the second dose while he is in another region, then we think it must be that region to give it to him. But we know that it is not easy, also because it would require a different distribution of the vials which is the responsibility of Figliuolo alone. “. Then there is the issue of the ‘green pass’, the vaccination certificate that lasts only six months. A problem, since “Lombardy, like all other regions, has vaccinated all health workers and anyone in various capacities with hospitals starting from the end of December”. And “these people, with a certificate that lasts only one semester, would need to be vaccinated again as early as June”, while “we don’t even know if we will have enough doses to immunize those who have not yet had a dose”. In any case, Moratti concludes, “I talked about it with Minister Speranza who said he was available and made sure to check with the CTS the possibility of extending the validity of the coverage”.