• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Covid free islands, Figliuolo: “For the small hypotheses of mass vaccination”


May 4, 2021

Covid free islands. ” In the context of the vaccination campaign, maximum attention will also be given to the safety of the inhabitants of the small islands ”, says in a note the structure of the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. ” The topic will be addressed tomorrow morning by the extraordinary commissioner during a conference, organized by the Government, which will be attended by the Ancim, the association that brings together the municipalities of the smaller islands, and the representatives of other islands – reads the note -. The working hypotheses include the possibility of carrying out mass vaccination to secure the smaller islands, starting from those that may present a particular exposure to epidemiological risk and which are not always equipped with adequate health facilities ”. Vaccination campaign “ With regard to some articles that have appeared in the press, relating to the identification of categories other than those provided for in ordinance 6 of last April 9 ”, the structure of the extraordinary emergency commissioner specifies that ” the vaccination campaign continues with a focus on the elderly and frail subjects, aiming to strengthen a positive trend that has recorded widespread increases at national level, as regards the administrations, at the same time as a decisive decrease in deaths and ordinary hospitalizations and in intensive care ”. ” In particular, from April 10 to today, there have been a minus 26% of deaths, minus 34% of ordinary hospitalizations and minus 31% of admissions to intensive care ” they conclude.