CSM, prosecutor of Brescia opens file on Amara minutes

Brescia prosecutor Francesco Prete has opened a file on the question of Amara’s minutes. In particular, Brescia investigates what happened in the Milanese prosecutor led by Francesco Greco, where Paolo Storari turned to the then member of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo to denounce the inaction with respect to the statements made by Piero Amara, a former external lawyer of Eni, on the alleged lodge Hungary – which would include magistrates, politicians and senior representatives of the institutions. At the moment it is not known if the file contains the name of any suspect. Read also The Milan Attorney General Francesca Nanni asked for a report from the chief prosecutor Francesco Greco on the Amara affair. In particular, from what has been learned, the pg decided to acquire information on the affair, given his “supervisory power” on the activity of the prosecutors on particularly sensitive aspects. “There are no times for the delivery of the report”, the pg Nanni tells Adnkronos. Meanwhile, the hearing of the former CSM adviser Piercamillo Davigo is scheduled for tomorrow before the prosecutors of Rome in the context of investigation into the dissemination of secret reports of the interrogations made by Piero Amara to the Milanese magistrates and then arrived in recent months by some newspapers and the CSM. Marcella Contrafatto, the now suspended employee of the Palazzo dei Marescialli, who worked in the Davigo secretariat, is investigated in the file opened for slander. In recent days the woman had also been searched at home and in the office by delegation of the prosecutors of piazzale Clodio. Davigo will be heard as an informed person.