Justice: ministry, from Cts ok to judicial competition, trials in mid-July

Having received the positive opinion of the Scientific Technical Committee, the Ministry of Justice is working at full speed to allow the written tests of the competition for the judiciary (competition for 310 posts of ordinary magistrate, announced with dm 29 October 2019) to be held on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 July at the same time in six locations, located in different regions of northern, central and southern Italy. Minister Marta Cartabia signed the ministerial decree, provided for by art. 11, decree-law 1 April 2021, n. 44, which governs the operational procedures for carrying out the tests. The analytical diary of the written tests will be published in the Official Gazette of 28 May 2021, the date on which, in addition to the dates of the written tests, the dates for the delivery of the codes will be officially communicated, in the three previous days (from 12 to 14 July ). If the procedural procedure is confirmed, on May 28th the 13,281 candidates will know the dates and the location where they will have to take the competitive exams. For this competition for the judiciary, a complex investigation is underway at the Ministry, with a considerable organizational effort.