• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Tik Tok, what it is committed to do to protect the little ones


May 12, 2021

“Tik Tok is committed to adopting new measures on the Italian market to prevent even more effectively the access of children to the platform. The measures taken, following the emergency measures adopted by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, they have brought significant results, but not yet sufficient “. The Privacy Guarantor writes it in a note. “Between 9 February – we read – the start of the block imposed by the Guarantor, and 21 April, there were more than 12 and a half million Italian users who were asked to confirm that they are over 13 years old to access the platform and are over 500,000 users were removed because they were likely to be under the age of 16: about 400,000 because they declared an age under 13 and 140,000 through a combination of moderation and reporting tools implemented within the app “. The Guarantor therefore asked Tik Tok to implement a series of further interventions in order to keep the under-12s off the platform. “Tik Tok – explains the Guarantor – has undertaken to guarantee the cancellation, within 48 hours, of the accounts reported and which result, upon verification, in the name of users under the age of 13, to strengthen the mechanisms for accessing the blocking platform of devices used by users under the age of 18, to study and develop solutions, also based on artificial intelligence, which in compliance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, make it possible to minimize the risk of children under 13 using the platform “. And again” to launch new communication initiatives, both in the app and through radio and newspapers, in order to educate in a conscious and safe use of the platform and to remember that the platform is not suitable for an audience of under-12s, students give and process a new information created in simple language and with interactive and engaging methods dedicated to underage users, to share with the Guarantor, data and information relating to the effectiveness of the various measures adopted, in order to collaborate in identifying effective measures and capable of containing the phenomenon “.” The Guarantor will monitor the fulfillment by Tik Tok in relation to the commitments undertaken and will continue its investigation and verification activity in the context of the proceedings already initiated against the platform “, concludes the note.