• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Pfizer vaccine, storage and temperatures: the news


May 12, 2021

Pfizer vaccine storage news. “We have just submitted to Ema the possibility of storing the vaccine between 2 and 8 degrees for a month, once it comes out of the storage box with which it is transported” announced Valentina Marino, medical director of Pfizer Italia, guest of RaiNews24. As for the distribution, Marino then announced that “for the month of May” deliveries of Pfizer vaccines to Italy are expected for “about 2.5 million doses per week and from June 3.5 million”. of the recall of the Pfizer vaccine at 42 days recommended by the CTS, the medical director specified: “The company cannot deviate from what was approved by the regulatory authorities, but this does not remove and cannot absolutely exclude that the health authorities can recommend alternative dosages for public health reasons. The common goal is to defeat the coronavirus, the medical companies provide their data, but the final decisions remain with the health authorities “. Yesterday Marino stressed that the vaccine” was designed for a second administration at 21 days “, explaining that” data on a longer range of administration at the moment we have none except in real life observations, as has been done in the UK. ion of the Cts which has its bases, we will observe what happens. Like Pfizer, however, I say to stick to what has emerged from the scientific studies, therefore the administration at 21 days, because this guarantees the results that allowed the authorization “.