• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Pfizer 21 days, the company on second dose: “Decisions rest with authorities”


May 12, 2021

Pfizer and times for second dose, the company intervenes again after stressing yesterday that the vaccine “was designed for a second administration at 21 days” and after the extension of the recall to 42 days recommended by the CTS. “The company – specified the medical director of Pfizer Italy, Valentina Marino, guest of RaiNews24 – cannot deviate from what was approved by the regulatory authorities, but this does not take away and cannot absolutely exclude that the health authorities can recommend alternative dosages for reasons of public health. The common goal is to defeat the coronavirus, medical companies provide their data, but the final decisions remain with the health authorities “. Yesterday Marino explained that “data on a longer range of administration at the moment we do not have any except in real life observations, as has been done in the UK. It is an evaluation of the CTS that has its basis, we will observe what It happens. Like Pfizer, however, I say to stick to what has emerged from the scientific studies, therefore the administration at 21 days, because this guarantees the results that allowed the authorization “. “We must also study the need for the third dose – added Marino – We have data that demonstrate immune coverage at six months, we must observe the next six months. A third dose may be possible but perhaps also not necessary, unless intervened. any variants, in that case a ‘buster’ dose could be useful. On the annual vaccine – he concluded – we must be very cautious, it may be necessary within the year or maybe within two “. Today Franco Locatelli, president of the Higher Health Council, at ‘Agorà’ Rai Tre defended the indication to extend the time between first dose and booster for mRna vaccines to 42 days. “As a doctor, I answer very clearly: the interval between the first and second administration of the” anti-Covid mRna vaccine “extended to the sixth week, therefore to 42 days, does not in any way affect the effectiveness of the immunization and allows us to be able to administer many more doses of the vaccine – he stressed – I understand that those who work in the industry have very protective attitudes compared to the studies conducted and these studies mainly concerned a 21-day interval “between the two doses,” but real life studies that they have accumulated have indicated exactly what I was saying before and statements like the ones we heard yesterday “from Pfizer” only risk creating confusion and I think they would hopefully be avoidable “.