• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Wojtyla, the friend Svidercoschi: “Failure to repent Agca greatest regret”


May 12, 2021

Among Wojtyla’s greatest reasons for regret is the failure to repent of Alì Agca, a Turkish militant of the ‘Gray Wolves’ who shot John Paul II on 13 May forty years ago in St. Peter’s Square. Gian Franco Svidercoschi, dean of the Vatican of Polish origins and a friend of Wojtyla, tells the Adnkronos. “Agca is a serial liar, he has told more than 50 versions – says Svidercoschi -. He managed to put in the middle also the kidnapping of Orlandi who had nothing to do with the attack and they even believed him”. Read also Svidercoschi spoke several times with the Polish Pope about the attack: “What remained on his soul was the fact that Agca had never uttered a word of repentance, no request for forgiveness. The Pope went to Rebibbia to meet him but the first what he said to him was: ‘I aimed right, why didn’t you die?’ “Forty years of mysteries remain. “They are mysteries but there is an incredible linearity in what happened – observes Svidercoschi -. There were two tracks: one was the attitude of the governments of the great leaders, the other was the behavior of the KGB, not so much referred to the leaders as for a series of Chinese boxes “. On the trial truth Svidercoschi observes: “Certainly in St. Peter’s Square that May 13 Ali Agca was alone. He told the Pope: ‘I aimed right’. Insisting on that I to reiterate the fact that there was no one else . Neither the Islamic nor the Bulgarian trail has anything to do with it. Instead, the KGB is behind the attack “.