• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Threats to Mattarella, the influencer Totolo: “Other than Fedez, the censorship is against me and Gervasoni”


May 12, 2021

“They accuse me of tweets with insulting comments against Mattarella, I still don’t know which ones, because they are not mentioned. But I’m sure, I know what I wrote and I’m not crazy. Of course, even asking for democratic elections is contempt ….” . This is how Francesca Totolo, influencer, writer and journalist “non-aligned” (collaborates with the sovereign magazine the National Primacy) speaks to Adnkronos, who ended up among the searches in the investigation for threats to offenses against the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who counts eleven under investigation. Totolo has no qualms about speaking of ‘warnings’ and censures against those who do not conform to mainstream culture. “There has been a lot of talk about Fedez, but Fedez has not been censored, he was able to say what he wanted, first on stage then on social media. The case was exploited by politics to raise the tone on the Zan bill”. Rather, he stresses, the censorship “is the one made in this situation against me and Gervasoni” (Marco Gervasoni, university professor searched in the same investigation, ed). According to Totolo, in fact, “for some time a certain area has been affected by these which I call ‘warnings’. It is a sort of ‘warning’ to intellectuals, writers, journalists who are not aligned to pay attention. most of them concern immigration, I don’t deal with politics. I also did an investigation on the prosecutor who signed the search decree. These ‘warnings’ tell us that there are situations that should not be touched for prudence, but for me information is not having censorship and also going to touch keys that others do not touch “or, he warns,” it is the death of journalism “. I don’t really know what the prosecutor might think he will find on my phone since everything I do is public. Telling about yesterday’s search, Totolo explains: “They blocked my twitter account and performed the search on electronic devices, they made copies of the pc and the telephone, which are already back in my possession: I don’t really know what the public prosecutor can think of finding since everything I do is public: I write articles, I publish books, I tweet, I do not hide. always do it, while those who want to ‘subversion’ certainly do not do it publicly but anonymously and not in public. “Many newspapers reported my name, treating me as if I had been condemned in the third degree of judgment – Totolo then denounced -, and it is shameful that only my name and that of Professor Marco Gervasoni were released. an Italian citizen like the other nine investigated “.