• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Curfew, colors and zones: what can change


May 12, 2021

Curfew in Italy, but also red, orange and yellow colors and areas and the new reopening in sight. What can change? Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa takes stock of the state of the Covid emergency and the restart of the country, with measures gradually adapting to infections and decreasing data. On the curfew, Costa explains to Sky TG24, guest of ‘Buongiorno’, “I hope that we can arrive at 24, but already 11 pm would be a positive answer because I am convinced that an extra hour is not the one that can cause particular problems. from the point of view of infections and the spread of the virus “. “Today we are faced with a profoundly different picture compared to a few weeks ago. The data – he explained – are improving every day, especially the number of vaccinated people in our country is increasing. And I believe that we must take responsibility for making a choice, citizens ask to the policy of creating the conditions so that the country can start again. We must do it with a sense of responsibility and gradually as we are doing it. But for the curfew we are faced with the possibility of giving an answer that helps to restore a climate of tranquility and lower a little ‘the tension in the country. I believe that this is also needed “. “We are facing a government with sensitivity and it is probably much more difficult to summarize. It is my thought as it was on April 26 when we decided on this path of reopening. Even then I thought it would be appropriate to start with the curfew at 11pm. It is my sensitivity and I hope that the postponement will prevail until midnight. It is an open discussion but I believe – he continued – that today’s framework allows us to have this discussion and to work with some more opportunities and citizens to benefit from services with greater possibilities “. “The position of President Draghi – explained Costa – is to maintain a balance and mediate between different sensitivities. Obviously it seems to me that several times he has clearly expressed the will of the Government and to bring the country back to normal. It is clear that we must take into account that the pandemic still exists in our country, but I also believe in the revision of the criteria that determine openings, colors and risk zones is a fundamental element that can establish a change of pace. If we continue to give the same weight we risk making decisions that do not correspond to the situation of our country. The data to be evaluated today are different. When the infection index was exclusively considered, there was no vaccine and it was clear that a percentage of infected it also affected citizens who risked their lives. Today – he said again – that scenario no longer exists because we are securing those over 80 and the frail zza and some more contagion does not cause hospitalization, intensive care or death “. As for” the abandonment of ‘colors’ and the transition to risk areas (high, low, moderate) is a hypothesis to which we are working the Cts is processing the data. I believe that we take a step forward if we manage to make even timely decisions on the territory to try to give a more correct and coherent answer. I argue that we must give more possibilities where the conditions exist “, explained Costa. In the meantime,” there can certainly be advances for the reopening of shopping centers and theme parks “, said the undersecretary, adding:” dates established on April 26 in the ‘Aperture’ Decree were established with the scenario of that time. Today, after two weeks of the vaccination plan, the picture has changed and obviously it is possible that those dates will be revised. For the theme parks, whose reopening is scheduled for 1 July, today there are the conditions for an advance. Even for shopping centers, differentiations and reflections must be made. I give the example of the outlets that we have assimilated to shopping centers while they are not, it is like wanting to close two streets in the center of Rome “. safe because in the open and where it is easy to establish the distance and make a check. I think that on the last day of the championship it is safer to have a few thousand fans in the stadiums than on the street and in the city squares. It is still an open reflection, as far as I am concerned I will do everything possible. The league made a common sense request of 10% of the audience in attendance. The CTS will express itself on the merits “, concluded the undersecretary.