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Rain and thunderstorms, spring has to wait


More rain and thunderstorms, spring has to wait. The picture of the weather on Italy does not change. A depression center located near the United Kingdom continues to send Atlantic disturbances that cause phases of bad weather at times intense. This situation will last at least until next weekend. The team of the website warns that after a Wednesday with residual instability in the Northeast and a new deterioration by evening in the North, Thursday and Friday will be two days that are still very unstable with thunderstorms that will not only affect the North, but Friday Sardinia, the rest of the Center and at the end of the day also the South will also hit. Finally, the first part of the weekend will still be affected by the unstable circulation inherited in the previous days with widespread rains especially in the South. The temperatures will suffer a dizzying ups and downs; in fact, in the presence of precipitation the maximum values ​​may lose several degrees even going below 17 ° C, instead when the sun has the possibility to shine more the heat will not wait with over 22-23 ° C during the day. IN DETAIL Wednesday 12th. To the north: unstable on the Triveneto, then from Lombardy to the Northeast. In the center: some rain on Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. In the south: mostly sunny. Thursday 13th. In the north: gradually wetter and more stormy. In the center: some storms between Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. In the south: mostly partly cloudy. Friday 14th. In the north: further deterioration in all regions. Middle: worsens from Sardinia to the rest of the regions. In the south: it gets worse in the evening with thunderstorms, Saturday still unstable, sunny Sunday.

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