• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The Pope returns to the faithful: “Happy to resume face-to-face meetings”


May 12, 2021

The Pope is happy to have resumed general audiences with the faithful. “I am happy to resume this face-to-face meeting – Bergoglio begins at the beginning of the hearing, off the cuff, in the courtyard of San Damaso -. Because I tell you one thing: it is not nice to talk in front of nothing, in a room. Now after so many months , thanks to the courage of Monsignor Sapienza who said ‘no we do it there’, good Monsignor Sapienza, eh, to find people, you, each with their own story, who come from all over, I am pleased to see each of you because we are all brothers in the Lord “. “Looking at each other – Francis says – helps us to pray for one another. Thank you for your visit and take the Pope’s message to everyone who prays for everyone and you pray for me”. Damaso took place in the presence of a contingent number of faithful: Bergoglio, before the catechesis, stopped to talk to the faithful at a safe distance in compliance with the anti Covid rules but without a mask. The children gave him their drawings. A group of nuns gave him white roses. Bergoglio is visibly happy to have resumed contact with the faithful after the many audiences via streaming.