• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Italy curfew, Locatelli: “There is room for a postponement”


May 12, 2021

Postponement of the curfew in Italy? “I think there is room for a shift in the movement restriction hours. Then whether it will be 11pm or 12am is a choice that is up to the government.” Thus Professor Franco Locatelli, guest of Agorà this morning, in view of the control room on the subject of reopening on Monday. The postponement could happen, explains Locatelli, always “given that the choice is up to politics and given that the numbers we will have on Friday will certainly be used to make decisions”. Read also “However, I think it is worth remembering what the Prime Minister already recalled last week, that is, the North Star of the gradual and progressive relaxation of the various measures”, explained the president of the Higher Health Council. As for the possible reopening of indoor restaurants and shopping centers over the weekend, “these choices too – he added – obviously belong to the government. It is clear that the more we are able to keep the” Covid-19 situation under control ” the more there is scope for considering reopening “.