• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Covid Italy, Nas checks in elderly facilities: 87 operators without vaccination


May 12, 2021

Correct provision of care and assistance services in favor of elderly and disabled people in the clinics and structures that host them, with particular attention to the reduction of the infection from Covid-19, in the sights of the Carabinieri Nas. In the first ten days of May, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, a control campaign was carried out throughout the national territory which involved the verification of 572 health and social assistance structures, noting irregularities in 141 of them, equal to 25% of the inspected targets. The inspections led to the notification of 197 criminal and administrative violations, for a value of 43 thousand euros, referring 36 people to the judicial authorities and reporting a further 136 to the authorities. During the activity, the Carabinieri Nas detected 63 violations due to non-compliance with the containment measures to the spread from Covid-19, attributable to the failure to implement protocols for anti-Covid prevention, sanitation operations and use of personal protective equipment by the operators. The investigations also highlighted important critical issues regarding the level of assistance provided to guests.First of all, the presence of health workers and personnel assigned to the structures without vaccination coverage emerged, which became mandatory since last April. This phenomenon, found in at least 42 social and health structures in various provinces for a total of 87 among nurses, physiotherapists, social assistance workers and the remaining staff destined for direct contact with the elderly, represents a potential link of weakness in the strategy of protection against possible contagion. of elderly guests, precisely in a period of reopening of external visits by family members. Furthermore, some interventions, including those conducted by the Nas of Pescara, Genoa, Turin and Catania, have revealed situations of abandonment of the elderly, not cared for in relation to the 2 pathologies suffered and their physiological and motor needs, in some cases even resulted in the failure to administer essential drugs to ensure the necessary therapies for sick and over 80-year-old guests.Further situations of lesser assistance were detected due to overcrowding of the elderly compared to the places provided, lack of rehabilitation treatments and staff without professional qualifications as well as detention unsuitable or expired drugs, for which 72 packs were seized. Due to the state of illegal activity or serious problems, 6 accommodation facilities were suspended and / or closed, with an estimated economic value of over 4 million euros. the homes of their family members or the transfer to other suitable structures. The vaccine was administered to 4 elderly people from an RSA of Monteodorisio (Ch) thanks to the intervention of the military of the Nas of Pescara who had ascertained that they had not yet been reached by the local vaccination service.