• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Burioni: “Enough jokers, someone in mourning because the vaccine works”


May 11, 2021

“Enough jokers!”. In the end, Professor Roberto Burioni blurts out. The virologist of San Raffaele expresses himself peremptorily with a series of tweets. “Those who obviously have not read the latest scientific works, continue to blather on TV about a vaccine ‘calibrated on a virus from a year ago’. The virus that 95% circulates in Italy TODAY is the” English “variant, with the vaccine 100% effective against severe forms. Enough jokers! “, writes Burioni, who does not explicitly refer to other experts. Several users see in the messages a reference to Massimo Galli’s speech in Cartabianca. “PS1: If in the days when he’s not on TV he wants to catch up, here’s the work that supports my claim. PS2: The English variant WAS prevalent in Israel that defeated the pandemic with the vaccine. Here someone is grieving because the vaccine it works! “, Burioni adds in a subsequent message, before completing the speech:” And, I add, Pfizer, which more in the world would be happy with the need for a new vaccine (for obvious reasons of increased turnover), declared yesterday to the shareholders (to whom he cannot lie) that ‘at the moment there is no need for a new formulation’ “..