• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Galli and the ‘latest on TV’: “I’m fed up, now television quarantine”


May 11, 2021

Television quarantine for Professor Massimo Galli, who will stay away from TV and newspapers for at least 15 days. “I have to work a lot, I have to study, I have to give lectures and seminars. I have to treat sick people and I’m tired of repeating the same things: 15 days of total rest, no TV and newspapers. A television quarantine? Absolutely yes. I will tweet if necessary. “, he tells Cartabianca, in what will be the last appearance on TV for at least a couple of weeks, as already mentioned in L’aria che tira on La7 in the morning. “Tonight went very well, we had the opportunity to say something less trivial than solitp. But for too long everything has been focused on issues of political battle, on this question of curfew: I had sworn to say this word only if I had written a novel historical … My job is to tell how things are on the basis of scientific data and communicate the cautions of the case, without exaggerating tones that are however exasperated because those like me are placed in a certain way: ‘These are the ones on the left’ and it becomes an opposition that makes no sense in scientific terms and is not even wanted by other colleagues. I don’t want to be ridden by politics or the newspapers “, says Galli, closing the speech in which he touches on a series of themes. different themes. “No AstraZeneca, no party. Without AstraZeneca we can’t keep up with vaccinations. All kinds of communication errors have been made on the AstraZeneca vaccine – he says -: from the manufacturer to the European governments, from the EMA to our organization. It was created. an unjustified mistrust to a very large extent “. Who has recovered from covid, how long should they wait before getting vaccinated? “One year, if I had to answer. If I have to stick to the rules, 3-6 months.” Next week further reopenings will be considered and the postponement of the curfew could be decided. “I have the impression that things are done too quickly, but let’s see the numbers. Between us and Great Britain there are about 30 million doses of the vaccine of difference. We have 40.5 doses for every 100 people, they have it. 78.6. Vaccines have an effect, no doubt: I would have wanted many more and sooner, but this is the situation and I hope it gets better and better. I don’t like being right if things go wrong “, He says. “I can only keep the handbrake on, while realizing that the Italians are tired of the oppressive situation of the closures. But in these days we have intubated some forty-year-olds: it is a small minority but it is a reality that exists”. the interval between first and second dose “is a trick, vaccines are not yet present in sufficient numbers. It is a fact that in Great Britain it has been done without compromising anything, with the stakes due as regards people with immunosuppression: they cannot go outside the protocol. We cannot be satisfied with vaccinating. We have to understand if certain categories, such as immunosuppressed, respond to the vaccine. Otherwise there is a risk of false security: we think we are okay and this is not the case “. It would be appropriate to “measure the antibodies” of the vaccinated, “it must not be a monopoly of the private individual, also in the perspective of the green pass. Those who had the infection a few months ago probably have more complete antibodies than those of a vaccine calibrated on a virus than a year ago “.