• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Covid, Ilaria Capua: “Vaccine or we risk starting from scratch after summer”


May 11, 2021

“If we don’t get vaccinated, we risk having to start over after the summer”. Professor Ilaria Capua, director of the UF One Health Center at the University of Florida, expressed herself to DiMarted√¨ on the importance of covid vaccines. “Those who do not vaccinate risk developing long covid, which is little talked about. After the Spagnola pandemic, there have been repercussions on those affected. The virus can have complications and long-term effects that we cannot define. Even for this alone, people must be vaccinated. Otherwise we risk facing a huge crisis “, says the scientist. In Italy there is skepticism towards the AstraZeneca vaccine, thanks to the fluctuating indications that have arrived on the use of the drug and on the recipients. It is clear that a considerable number of people give up the vaccine produced by the Anglo-Swedish company. “Some of these people will get sick and overload a system that is now sticking its head out of the water. We cannot risk the trend reversing again. Pandemics shake systems and some collapse. In some cases, systems. they are already fragile. We have the vaccine, the tool to prevent systems from collapsing. Otherwise we risk having to start from scratch after the summer, “he says.