Latina, 13 year old who died after sandwich: Prosecutor opens file

The Latina Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation file against unknown persons in relation to the death of 13-year-old Martina Quadrino, who died on Thursday evening following an illness in Fondi after eating a sandwich. To ascertain the causes of the tragedy, the prosecutors ordered an autopsy on the body of the young woman, entrusted to Dr. Maria Cristina Setacci, which took place on Saturday afternoon. The carabinieri investigating the affair have reconstructed the young woman’s last hours, to verify whether she has taken food or drinks that may have contributed to her death, also in relation to the existence of known or not known allergies. “The complexity of the investigation requested from the coroner does not allow the state to advance certain hypotheses on the cause that led to the death of Martina – explains the Prosecutor in a note – it being necessary for this purpose to wait for the outcome of examinations and assessments that the Dr. Setacci has started following the completion of the autopsy “.