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Davigo: “Amara? By proxy Milan was reliable”


Amara “may have been discredited but until then, and even after, the Milan prosecutor’s office considered him reliable both in a report he made and indicated him as a witness in an important trial”. Thus Piercamillo Davigo, former councilor of the CSM, at diMartedì on La7 speaking on the case of the minutes of the lawyer Piero Amara delivered to him by the Milanese magistrate Paolo Storari. ” The registration of the crime report must take place immediately, says the code, it is not that the prosecutor can decide not to proceed. If he decides not to proceed, he must ask the judge to be archived “, says Davigo referring to the minutes of the lawyer Amara delivered to him by the Milanese magistrate Paolo Storari. ” Storari tells me that he is seriously worried because serious declarations have been collected for months, very serious if false, and that the crime report had not yet been registered “, explains Davigo regarding the concerns of Storari for the ‘immobility'” of the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco. Storari, he says, “first of all he asked me for advice. I advised him to protect himself from the troubles that would end up on his head, writing to the attorney what he had said verbally up to now, that is, that you have to register. Which he assured me he had done with several emails. You could not follow the ordinary way because he could not send it to the prosecutor, since he was the person with whom he had the disagreement, the attorney general was not there, the seat was vacant, and in my experience without it is difficult for the regent to make decisions that create irreversible situations. In the best hypothesis he would have said ‘we are waiting for the new attorney general to arrive’ “. ” He – continues Davigo – had already said many times that it was necessary to register and registration did not take place. At the beginning of May I go to Rome, I ask Storari if the registration had taken place and he tells me no. So I call the vice president of the CSM and I ask him, as soon as he arrives in Rome, to contact me because I have to talk to him about something urgent and important. ” also Davigo, “Senator Morra remembers badly and also says some fanciful things. That’s not true, I didn’t show him any minutes.” And again: “I did everything to keep these minutes secret until the investigation had started. It is absolutely crazy to think that I could have anything to do with their disclosure, I have not divulged anything, my life speaks for me. I was thrilled by the facts that happened. If it was, as it would seem from the findings , my secretary didn’t understand acito. He seemed to me a person of absolute reliability ”. Then, the jab against Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, who in recent days said: “I’m not Davigo, an executioner with his opponents and a newsreader with fellow parliamentarians”. ” I think he will have further news from my lawyer , has already had, ” Davigo says.

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