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Vaccines covid Italy, 11.9% reports of serious events


Over 76 thousand reports of adverse events following the administration of covid vaccines on nearly 50 million doses. Nearly 9 out of 10 reports are not related to serious events. Serious reports are 11.9%. Aifa reports this in the sixth Pharmacovigilance Report on Covid-19 vaccines. “There are 76,206 reports of adverse events” after the administration of anti-Covid vaccines “out of a total of 49,512,799 doses, of which 87.9% refer to non-serious events, such as pain at the injection site, fever , asthenia, fatigue and muscle aches. The reporting rate is 154 per 100 thousand doses “, it reads. The data collected and analyzed concern the reports of suspected adverse reactions registered in the National Pharmacovigilance Network between 27 December 2020 and 26 June 2021 for the 4 vaccines in use in the current vaccination campaign. “Serious reports correspond to 11.9% of the total, with a rate of 18 serious events per 100 thousand doses administered, regardless of the type of vaccine, the dose (first or second) and the possible causal role of vaccination – continues the report of the Italian Medicines Agency – As reported in previous reports, regardless of the vaccine, dose and type of event, the reaction occurred in most cases (approximately 80%) on the same day as vaccination or the day after and only more rarely beyond the following 48 hours “.” Most of the reports are related to the Comirnaty vaccine (69%) “by Pfizer / BioNTech,” so far the most used in the vaccination campaign (70.6% of the doses administered) – he recalls Aifa – and only to a lesser extent the Vaxzevria vaccine (24.7% of reports and 17.3% of doses administered) “AstraZeneca,” the Spikevax vaccine (5.2% of reports and 9.6% of doses administer) “of Mod erna “and the Covid-19 vaccine Janssen – Johnson & Johnson (1.1% of reports and 2.5% of administered doses). For all vaccines, the most reported adverse events are fever, fatigue, headache, muscle / joint pain, injection site pain, chills and nausea. The most often reported vaccination-related serious adverse events are a flu-like syndrome with intense symptoms, more frequent after the second dose of mRna vaccines and after the first dose of Vaxzevria. ” vaccines, or heterologous vaccination, to people under 60 who had received Vaxzevria of AstraZeneca as the first dose “were 27 out of a total of 233,034 administrations (the second dose involved in 86% of cases Comirnaty of Pfizer / BioNTeh and in 14% Spikevax of Moderna), with a reporting rate of 12 per 100 thousand doses administered “.



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