• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Wojtyla, the armed hand of Agca in the photo Adnkronos that went around the world


May 11, 2021

A historical photograph that will remain in all archives and that that day went around the world. It is the image of the armed hand of Mehmet Alì Agca holding a gun aiming at the person of the Pope: it is May 13, 1981, and the photo captures the moment immediately preceding the attack, when John Paul II, while crossing on board of the ‘popemobile’ discovered a crowded St. Peter’s Square, he collapses in the white Jeep with a grimace of pain hit by two bullets. Read also The photo was a world exclusive of Adnkronos that quickly arrived in newsrooms all over the planet. The agency’s switchboard was overwhelmed with requests for images that clearly showed the sequences of the attack. A snapshot symbol of journalism and entered into history, which is still shown today every time we talk about that tragic event.