Delta variant, Crisanti: “Risk of serious illness after a dose of vaccine”

“If one is vaccinated with a single dose” covid vaccine “one may develop even severe disease” due to the Delta variant “although less frequently than an unvaccinated. If one is vaccinated with two doses, the effect of vaccination decreases by 30% according to Israeli data “. This was stated by Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Padua, to the microphones of the broadcast ‘Italy has awakened’ on Radio Cusano Campus. “Britain continues to count the daily cases” of Covid-19 “and mortality has increased 10 times, so it’s not true that nothing happens, let’s face it,” he added. Yet, in England from 19 July everything reopens: off the mask, stop social distancing. “Johnson’s political decision – said Crisanti – is very dangerous because running this virus is very risky, new, more resistant variants can be created to the vaccine. This virus is one step away from that situation, because it is a highly transmissible virus that is capable of making ill those who have taken only one dose and to a small extent also those who have taken the two doses “. According to the virologist “Great Britain is taking a great risk. The problem is that all other countries take the risk too. Seeing 60,000 spectators at Wembley gives a reassuring idea of ​​normality, but the virus has given itself another opportunity. to spread. These are political decisions “.” I don’t understand – added Crisanti – those who say that now we only have to look at the data of hospitalizations and deaths: it’s like looking only at the beginning and end frames of a film instead of watching it all, it means to have knowledge of what happens in the territories and go blindly. If we want to have the perception of what is happening it is one thing, if instead we have to change the parameters to reassure people it is another “.” We think that with vaccines everything can be solved But that’s not the case. With a changing virus like this one, basing everything on vaccines in my opinion won’t have the desired effect, because we don’t have the ability to update variant vaccines as fast as they can. changes the virus “Sars-CoV-2, he said again.” To reformulate the vaccine – he recalled – it takes a couple of months and a half year to distribute it, in the meantime the virus has galloped. It is one thing to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people a year for the flu, another thing to vaccinate tens of millions of people every year. When England raised the alarm on this variant – said the virologist referring to the Delta – we had to prevent it from arriving in Italy, with inbound and outbound checks. But the problem is European, because if every country does as it pleases, and in Italy every region does as it pleases, it becomes an incredible mess. “” There are countries – he recalled – that are Covid-free despite not having vaccinated the population en masse, such as New Zealand and South Korea which have simply implemented policies to limit the transmission of the virus. In Singapore there was an outbreak at an airport, they tested all the people potentially involved in the airport’s activity and the outbreak stopped it “.

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