• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Galli-Cacciari, video clash on curfew


May 4, 2021

Clash on curfew between professors: on one side Massimo Galli, on the other Massimo Cacciari. The ring is in Cartabianca. “The question of time is absurd. I’m not a virologist but I understand a bit of logic”, says Cacciari, disputing the validity of the curfew set at 10 pm. Professor Galli, responsible for infectious diseases in the Sacco di Milan. “The logic is to limit people going out in the evening,” says the doctor. “So say that people must be prevented from going out, say that we must stay at home. Do not defend the time of 9 pm, 10 pm or 11 pm”, replies Cacciari. “People must go out as little as possible. The opening speech was anticipated and it was a mistake”, says Galli, while the interlocutor presses: “Then the logic states that we must not leave the house: lockdown”, Cacciari cuts short . “He’s accusing me of wanting to defend something I don’t want to defend,” says Galli with an evasive maneuver. “You know that the places where it spreads are the means of transport, the subways, perhaps the school, with the children who infect fathers and grandparents. The contagion is not favored by those who go out in the evening, but by the evening gathering and that you can control it. I’m not a virologist, but I try to reason “, Cacciari’s action. Galli, however, is peremptory: “He doesn’t think about this”. For months, the doctor has been compared to the pessimistic wing of the army of virologists and experts. “Me Cassandra? I have told myself this many times, no problem. I don’t enjoy being pessimistic. But a little bit ‘ of healthy pessimism would have saved lives in due course. They are telling me everything, with the supporters of certain newspapers and a certain policy. If data and technical opinions are exploited … the political scenario of this country is one of absolute squalor. What should we do ? “, he says, before going back to rejecting the reopening he decided on April 26. “We had a series of openings, we could not open safely with the numbers we had. Let’s see what the situation will be like towards the end of the month. I hope that the progression of vaccines will be able to compensate for the damage of the openings and give us breath.”