• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

“It was an emotion”, the story of the first pharmacist to vaccinate in Italy


May 11, 2021

A casual ‘primacy’ that of the doctor from Courmayeur, the first Italian pharmacist to vaccinate against Covid. “I must confess that I was quite excited preparing the first dose, even though I was unaware that I was going to be the first of my colleagues to inject a vaccine. My hands were shaking a little. But then everything became more normal and the concentration on the work has taken over “, explains Serena Carmina, owner of a pharmacy in Courmayeur to Adnkronos Salute, who on Saturday – in advance of the departure schedule of Valle d’Aosta, the first Region to open this channel – administered the vaccine to a woman of 60 years old “very motivated to get vaccinated because she lost her husband to Covid”, added Carmina. “It all started by chance – she continues – and I am happy that everything went smoothly. The concern was that something, even if not dependent on me, was not going the right way. I anticipated the vaccinations for a concatenation of facts. We had decided to vaccinate, with the pharmacy closed, on Saturday and Sunday, also to start the procedures with greater serenity, without the other activities. They gave us the doses, for the following week, on Friday. But we, having to vaccinate on the weekend, we would have started on the 15th and 16th. At this point they authorized us to vaccinate already on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 “. In the initial impact” there was a bit of anxiety, a bit of fear of making a mistake when does something like this for the first time, there is. It is not so much the vaccination itself, but the fear that there might be material hitches. Over the weekend we vaccinated 22 people, 11 doses for every AstraZeneca vial we received. next weekend we will do at least others 11. Then they should lower the age group to be vaccinated, under 60 “, concludes Carmina, urging her colleagues:” We pharmacists are able to do everything, we are always able to organize ourselves. It is a beautiful act, useful in this moment when we need to lend a hand, but also for our professional future “. Valle d’Aosta, therefore, is the first Italian region where local pharmacists are involved directly in the vaccination campaign against Covid. In fact, the situation in Liguria is different, a region where vaccines have been vaccinated in pharmacies for over a month, but where it is not pharmacists who administer the vaccine directly, but doctors. 22 out of 40 have given willingness to vaccinate and will vaccinate, at the moment, people between 60-79 years old who book, using AstraZeneca.