Bassetti: “Vaccines and school? Not vaccinated in Dad, politics decide”

“Classes with vaccinated students and teachers. The unvaccinated in Dad. Politics will have to reflect.” Professor Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, in L’aria che tira – Estate highlights the importance of proceeding with the vaccination campaign in view of the new school year. “I have 2 children, one of 12 and one of 16: I vaccinated them without any doubt. The children have the right to return to school in presence and safety, with teachers and students vaccinated. We will think in September, we will see what the circulation of the virus and how many children are vaccinated: politics will have to make a decision “, he says. “We will have classes with vaccinated students and teachers, or in the presence there will be the vaccinated and in Dad the unvaccinated: it is a reflection that must make politics. The obligation to vaccinate remains the last resort, We need a moral suasion activity , we have to tell people that the only way to fight the virus is to vaccinate. I think it is right that in the classroom there is the highest number of vaccinated people. If we can, great, “he adds.” Otherwise the choice is up to the Minister of Education. Are we satisfied with classes with 3 out of 4 vaccinated students and we put masks on the unvaccinated? Or, if there is high circulation of the virus, is it good for the unvaccinated to follow the lessons at a distance? to see classes with 100% vaccinated. How to get there? It is up to politics to decide. I am thrilled when I hear that there are 200,000 unvaccinated teachers. I am thrilled by this attitude, I did not expect so much aversion towards vaccines “, he says again. “In late August or early September the Delta variant will predominate, it is an inevitable scenario. The data tells us that vaccines work. In Israel it was said that there was a 30% drop in protection for infections, but we must consider the vaccine’s ability to prevent severe forms of the disease: with 2 doses of vaccine we are close to 100%, with both mRna and viral vector vaccines. The vaccine works on all variants, including the Delta “, he continues focusing on the picture of the epidemic.” I do not like terrorism: the covid forms for the Delta variant on vaccinated people are a sort of enhanced cold, they say. scientific works. There is sore throat, nasal discharge, fever, asthenia: all symptoms that we did not see in the first phase of the coronavirus, in those cases we saw pneumonia with loss of taste and smell “.

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