Covid, Viola: “Managing viruses as flu? Possible and necessary”

In the UK, struggling with an increase in coronavirus and Delta variant infections, “Boris Johnson decides to drop the restrictions and says that SARS-CoV-2 will be handled like the flu virus from now on. Is it possible? Not only is it possible, it is necessary “, according to the immunologist Antonella Viola from the University of Padua. Read also “The virus will continue to circulate – writes the expert on Facebook – We will get infected, but we will be protected from severe forms of the disease thanks to vaccines. As long as the immune response generated by vaccination keeps hospitals empty, we will not have to do anything else”. Instead, “if immunity were to weaken too much over time, or if the virus were to mutate too much, we will have to resort to further vaccinations (respectively with a third dose or with an updated vaccine). But for now – Viola is convinced – the scenario is that imagined from the UK “. But “first – he specifies – everyone needs to be vaccinated”.

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