School in the presence, “tests and swabs: ready for the end of August”

School in attendance, government at work for the safe return of students. But before the reopening, Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri explains to ‘Studio 24’ on Rainews24, “careful monitoring with swabs, rapid tests, salivary tests for younger children will be organized. broad diagnostic capability. We must not and we will not be unprepared for this. “We must strive for the reopening of school and university with face-to-face lessons. At university it will be easier, because children can get vaccinated. Under the age of 12, distance and masks will be the fundamental protection. From 16 years upwards there is greater adherence to vaccination. I am more concerned between the ages of 12 and 15, there is a certain discussion, animated in certain groups for vaccination in this age group “, said Sileri who reaffirmed his opposition to the obligation vaccination for teachers. “The teacher is not a health worker, no obligation is needed – remarked Sileri – Having 85% membership today is a good percentage, which will grow, but it will never be 100%. We can also reach 95%, but there will always be a percentage that doesn’t get vaccinated. ” And since we do not have a vaccine for children under 12, the undersecretary and doctor recalled, “to protect our children, we will need distance rules and appropriate use of masks by teachers, probably Ffp2 to do so that circulation is as limited as possible. It will never be zero, in medicine there is no zero “.” The vast majority of teachers – underlined the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, entering the general assembly of Farmindustria in Rome on the subject of vaccination of teachers and school staff – has joined the vaccination, there is a very significant percentage of school staff, we have to work so that this percentage still grows in the next few weeks and in my opinion the conditions are there. We work so that “in September the school” can resume in the safest way possible “And for the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, who spoke today at the ‘Republic of ideas’,” the Italian school is on the way. is a problem only for the government: we all have to work to get back to normal I am already taking care of it, I want others to take care of it too, I want us to do it together, we must insist, share, support the minister to return to a school in presence that is a school of affection. It must be done together, I am there but you must be there too “.

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