European green pass, can you travel without it?

European covid green pass for safe circulation in the EU. But if the covid green certificate does not arrive, can you travel without it? The answer is yes, but for a limited time. Read also According to the Faq published by the government, until 12 August it will be possible to travel to Europe even without Green Certification, but by showing the certificates of completion of the vaccination cycle, recovery or test carried out issued by health facilities, doctors and authorized pharmacies . For these certifications the same validity and duration criteria apply as the Green Certification. Certification regarding the completion of the vaccination cycle must in any case refer to one of the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA): Pfizer-BioNtech’s Comirnaty, Moderna, Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). But be careful: if in Italy (at least for now) just the first dose is enough to get the Green pass, not all European countries do the same. According to the European Commission, as explained in the Faq published in the English version of the site, it is currently the Member States that decide whether to accept a vaccination certificate after a dose or after the completion of the entire vaccination course. In Italy, for example, where the Pass is issued 14 days after the first administration, the hypothesis of a reshaping of the certification due to the delta variant is now being discussed and it is not excluded that the methods of issue may change in a short time. By the way, the EU Commission underlines that “the certificates will be issued to any person who has received a COVID-19 vaccination in an EU Member State, regardless of the number of doses. The number of doses will be clearly indicated in the EU COVID digital certificate for indicate if the vaccination course has been completed. Furthermore – it continues -, the regulation requires member states to accept vaccination certificates under the same conditions “, that is,” for example, when a member state decides to lift restrictions for their citizens who have a certificate for the first dose of a vaccine that has received marketing authorization or across the EU and which provides for two, must extend the same treatment to other EU citizens “. More certain news, however, on the double dose: on May 31, it still reads, the Commission has in fact” proposed Member States to lift travel restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated (at the latest 14 days after the last dose) or cured of COVID-19 and who hold the EU digital certificate for COVID-19 ” . A proposal to which the EU states have also been invited to comply. It is always up to the member states, moreover, “to decide whether to administer only one dose of a vaccine that provides two doses to people recovered” from the virus. In this case, it explains “the vaccination certificate must indicate that the vaccination course has been completed following the administration of one dose. The Commission proposed that people who received a single dose of a two-dose vaccine, after previously infected with COVID-19, should be considered fully vaccinated for travel purposes. “In essence, therefore, the EU Commission does not require that there are necessarily two vaccinations to allow entry to member countries, but in fact allows it is up to the member countries themselves to decide whether a double administration is necessary to enter it.

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