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Euro 2020, Sileri: “Parties in the square? Risk of outbreaks like Mallorca”


Euro 2020 and the danger of covid infections? “In a square full of people, where not everyone has had a vaccine or a swab, an outbreak can be generated. And this is what will happen because the Delta variant is more contagious and because the number of vaccinated people in Italy is not yet sufficient. , we must be careful because we risk what happened in Mallorca, we must avoid crowds and always carry the mask in our pocket to be able to use it in the event of a crowd. ” This was stated by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri who spoke on the broadcast ‘Italy has awakened’, on Radio Cusano Campus, talking about the risks associated with the celebrations in the square of the fans for the European football championships. If in the square “there is also a single positive person for the Delta variant and around 20% of vaccinated people, there is a good chance that many micro satellites of infection will be determined which could then become foci when those people move and maybe bring the virus on vacation where they meet unvaccinated people. And from there the virus makes some itinerant trips and here the thousand cases we see every day can triple “. “In the United Kingdom – he concluded – there is a very high quota with the double dose of vaccine, we still do not have half the population vaccinated and considering that we have millions of elderly people vaccinated there could be more people who are hospitalized. So: vaccinate yourselves. , in this way you and others will be protected, not only against Covid, against everything, because there will not be full hospitals when perhaps it is necessary to treat yourself for another pathology or an accident “, he stressed.” The problem of the school, however much you can make a strategy, a question mark remains because we will have to see what the circulation of the virus will be in September and if there will be another variant. The only thing that can be predicted is how many will be vaccinated, we must push teachers and students to vaccinate. The goal is to have face-to-face lessons, masks and distance will remain cornerstones “, explained Sileri, underlining that he is ‘absolutely’ against compulsory vaccination:” We need awareness. We must arrive with 80% of the population vaccinated before autumn “.” Unfortunately – he added – I see a lot of resistance in the school population, especially in the 12-15 age group, with parents who legitimately have doubts. It is our duty to campaign of better and constant information to make people understand the goodness of vaccinations and above all that today is the time to get vaccinated because September is upon us “.



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