Threats to Mattarella, Sansonetti: “Gervasoni searched? Simply ridiculous”

“Marco Gervasoni being searched for threats to Sergio Mattarella? I know Gervasoni and it is something that seems absolutely absurd and ridiculous to me. But no wonder, it is the prosecutor of Rome that has nothing better to do”. Piero Sansonetti thus comments to the Adnkronos on the news that, among the searches in the context of an investigation by the prosecutor of Rome for crimes of offense to the honor and prestige of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella there is also the university professor Marco Gervasoni. “After all, the prosecutor of Rome is what it is, it is not a novelty – insisted the director of the Riformista – They can do nothing but prosecute crimes of opinion: or wiretapping, or crimes of opinion”. Entering into the matter, Sansonetti observes: “It seems to me very unlikely that Gervasoni will organize threats to Mattarella, but it also seems very curious to me that an investigation should be made on messages against Mattarella: against Mattarella you say what you want, in a free society. you can say what you want “, he says. And he underlines: “A ‘hate campaign against Mattarella’ is a ridiculous concept. The crime of insulting the President of the Republic is the most ridiculous crime that exists in any criminal code. We should explain to these that we are in 2021, but not It will be easy”.