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Recovery, Hope: “20 billion for the relaunch of the National Health Service”


“We want to close the season of cuts” to the National Health Service and “open that of investments”. This is what the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza said in his speech at the hearing in the Chamber of the Parliamentary Commission for the implementation of fiscal federalism on the current state and prospects of fiscal federalism, also with reference to the relative contents of the National Recovery Plan and resilience. He speaks, therefore, of the “approximately 20 billion that are part of the project” and are “resources for the relaunch of the National Health Service”. “In this new phase of the epidemic, with a significant rate of vaccinations, we want to transform the crisis into an opportunity, a fundamental concept in the drafting of the national recovery and resilience plan”. “The vaccination campaign is the essential weapon” against Covid in Italy, adds Minister Speranza. “We must not forget the most difficult weeks we have experienced, we had almost 30 thousand people in hospital up to two and a half months ago, today we are under 1,500 people therefore -95% hospitalizations. We had 3,800 people in intensive care, today we are 190 even in this is -90%. Even mortality, and I will repeat that as long as there is even a single death there is a battle still not won for me, thanks to vaccines it has dropped with lower numbers than before “. “Today we exceed the 55 million doses administered in our country, we are in a position to better define the deadlines for the next months and plan a reform of the National Health Service that tries to benefit from the many lessons received in recent months”, he said. the ministry remarked. Investments “We will invest 4 billion to modernize the technological equipment of hospitals with more than 5 years old,” said Minister Speranza. “We invest 2 billion on staff training: more scholarships for general practitioners, 4,200 more contracts for doctors’ specialization grants and then continuous training, in particular on managerial and digital skills and on the great issue of infections of the resistance to antimicrobials “. “One billion” of the resources for health, provided for by the national recovery and resilience plan, “to systematize the health monitoring network of the ISS with the environmental one of Ispra”. The community houses “Two billion of the funds provided for the Recovery will go to community homes, places of health care and first accompaniment towards care. Up to 1,350 community homes will be financed where there is the first assistance and first response of a social and health nature, where there will be health care with primary care. Having a first place of contact between the citizen and the National Health Service “. “Then there will be a billion on community hospitals, about 400, mainly nursing for intermediate care” concludes Speranza.

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