Indian variant in Italy, Ilaria Capua: “Vaccines protect”

“Vaccines registered in Europe and the US protect against variants”. Professor Ilaria Capua thus intervenes in DiMarted√¨. “Vaccines reduce the transmission of infection and severe cases, even in the cases of the variants. While we gather, however, the variants do their job: the English variant, which gallops, supplants the others. In the United States, over time we do. it is replacing all the others, “says the director of the UF One Health Center at the University of Florida. “It is as if there were two parallel races between the variant that becomes dominant and the others, many and put together, as they decrease. There are dynamics of infection that must be followed and that today should not worry”, he says again. “In autumn we will still have to use the mask, gradually we will move towards a ‘free mask’ situation. We will still have the mask between our feet for a while, it could have been worse”, he continues before stigmatizing the scenes seen on Sunday in Milan with the party of Inter fans at the Duomo: “It may happen that there is one or more superpreader who triggers the infection”.