• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Masks, go outdoors by summer? What the experts say


May 11, 2021

With 30 million vaccinated against covid, the rules regarding the use of masks could change, at least outdoors, according to Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri. “Take off the mask outdoors? I agree with this hypothesis when 30 million (half of the target population) are reached with at least one dose of vaccine, it will be necessary to wait 3 weeks to have good protection: then it is clear that even the mask ‘open where there is no crowd, I think it makes sense to put it in your pocket and put it back in your face when there is a crowd and risk, “he said. Read also But regarding the use of face masks – where to keep using them and until when – is a controversial topic. “We are running a little too much, it is risky to think that we can remove the masks in June and hypothesize it with 30 million vaccinated people. We could do it with 70-75% of immunized Italians. We are still in a period in which the virus circulates and also outdoors we must be careful, we know that there are fewer risks, but given how attention is waning, it is not giving a signal that everyone is free “, Massimo Andreoni, scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious Diseases and tropical (Simit) and head of Infectious Disease at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome. “We must not allow the virus to circulate – remarks Andreoni – Even on the possibility of being able to embrace, as announced in other countries, I would still wait to have more Italians vaccinated”. Via the outdoor masks with 30 million vaccinated. “I agree with the Undersecretary of Health Sileri on the need for progressive reopening. Probably the reopening will lead us to an increase in cases in young people, but without big problems. We are like in pay-TV, we are watching a film from the beginning, but if let’s change the channel we see the same film that ends up “, underlined the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, health director of the Irccs Galeazzi in Milan, who spoke to the microphones of the broadcast” L’Italia s’รจ desta “on Radio Cusano Campus, inviting caution. “I believe that within two months it will also happen in Italy – said Pregliasco – if we have more and more doses of the vaccine available. The single dose already after 14 days gives a good coverage in terms of protection, the second dose serves to reinforce the protection “.