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Covid, Galli: “70,000 people at Wembley is not a brilliant idea”


“At tonight’s game I imagine that the Italians will go to London, certainly not the Italians from Italy. There are no European countries exempt from the problem, but the contingency present at this moment in Great Britain suggests that it would have been better to do without an experience of this kind at this moment, and in a stage like that. The idea of ​​putting fifty or sixty thousand people at Wembley both tonight and the final doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea. “This is what Massimo Galli, professor of infectious diseases at the State University of Milan and director of the hospital’s infectious disease clinic says. Sacco, commenting on the European football championships at Wembley to As for Boris Johnson’s decision to reopen in Great Britain: “He should have thought about it a little more since he has already made a mistake once – underlines Galli -. me does not have the situation completely under control. I am also of the opinion that we must find a way to live with the virus and it is no longer the time for major closures. Also because we have many vaccinated especially in the UK and therefore we expect a number content of serious cases and deaths. There will not be a great new wave like the one we have seen, but the deaths will be there, although they will not be numerous and deserve respect and consideration. no escapes are made towards reopening “. Johnson’s, continues Galli,” seems to me a much more political choice than scientifically and rationally pondered “. Galli also launches an appeal to those who are not yet vaccinated: “The Delta variant proves to have a much higher diffusion capacity than the Alpha (old English) So I send a message to the unvaccinated: if you hope to escape it because those around you are vaccinated, risk big. If you are young, you have very low chances of getting seriously ill, but if you are not, the chances of getting seriously ill are much higher. “New wave in autumn? According to Massimo Galli, professor of infectious diseases at the State University of Milan and director of the infectious disease clinic of the Sacco hospital, there will be a new wave of Sars-CoV-2 in the fall, even if “it will not be like the ones we have seen so far, because there are many citizens vaccinated” he told , stressing that “this fall will not be quite a walk in the park and we will certainly have some problems to manage.” So, “the more we limit the spread of the infection from now on, the better” he pointed out. Delta variant, is also transmitted to vaccinated people. We also consider that part of people who have not responded to the vaccine “. Galli also remarked that the Lambda variant “has more or less an extra diffusion capacity. But more will continue to arrive and we must learn to deal with the fact that they reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. Until now, however, no variant has escaped existing vaccines. But if the number of infected is high, it is obvious that the number of hospitalized will increase. “Finally, Galli asked for caution on travel abroad in the summer:” They are a great way to shuffle the cards and increase the negative consequences. I’m not saying I’m against it, but as in many other situations, checks must be carried out and our guard must not be lowered because it would be dangerous ”.



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