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Rave party Tavolaia: complaints, over a thousand identified


The unauthorized rave party in a piece of land in Tavolaia, a hamlet of Santa Maria a Monte, ended after almost four days. This was communicated by the Pisa Police Headquarters. In the late evening of Monday 5 July the music stopped and the slow outflow of participants began, reaching the maximum figure of 5-6 thousand. A total of 1,084 participants in the rave were identified by the police and carabinieri, coming from various Italian regions, especially the Center-North, and from some foreign countries, including many from France, as well as from Spain, Switzerland and England. The agricultural company that owns the vast clearing where the illegal event took place filed a complaint. The Digos of the Pisa Police Headquarters will proceed to report all identified participants to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of aggravated land invasion. At the same time, the police commissioner of Pisa will adopt against them the measure of prevention of the obligatory road pass, with a ban on returning to Pisa for up to 3 years. The imposition of administrative sanctions for violating the anti Covid legislation on the prohibition of gatherings is also being evaluated. During the checks, a special guard was arrested with an arrest warrant hanging. The truck with the speakers used to spread techno music was seized.The police headquarters from the early hours of Sunday 4 July, after the alarm of the residents who saw an enormous influx of campers, cars, trucks and vans arrive, four checkpoints have been set up on all the roads that cross the Cerbaie bush and lead to the clearing where the illegal gathering took place. The device allowed – explains the Police Headquarters – “to reject a few hundred young people who wanted to go to the place and, at the same time, the outflow of participants was favored”. In the clearing there are still 25 campers and motorhomes, with about 70 people, who are gradually organizing themselves to return safely to their places of origin, under the supervision of the police forces who will remain in place until the complete flow. “The situation therefore remains under control”, explains the Police Headquarters. During the checks, a 38-year-old of Brazilian origins, resident in the Avellino area, multi-prejudiced and already subjected to the preventive measure of the special surveillance of public security, was arrested because he was the recipient of a arrest order issued by the Public Prosecutor of Avellino following a sentence of 4 years and 2 months of imprisonment. A 25-year-old resident in the province of Pesaro and a 35-year-old from the province of Milan were accompanied to the police station in Pontedera for the notification of documents legal proceedings relating to complaints for previous participation in rave parties. A 19-year-old from the province of Milan was rescued by ambulances present at the check points, for suspected ingestion of ethylene glycol (coolant), currently in prognosis reserved for the Pisa Cisanello hospital. A 40-year-old also from the province of Milan was rescued by ambulances because he fell from the truck bed where the crates were, reporting a suspected fracture to a limb; medicated in the emergency room of Pontedera was discharged.The Digos and the Flying Squad of the Police Headquarters finally subjected the truck with a French license plate to preventive seizure with the expensive and bloated speakers used to spread techno music inside, while the Traffic Police has sanctioned for over 4,000 euros for multiple violations of the Highway Code, a bus with a French license plate but driven by an Italian citizen, which had led about 50 young people from Rome to the rave.



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