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Vaccini Italia, Costa: “Third dose from the end of December”


“For the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine” in Italy it will probably take a year “from the first cycle.” We started vaccinating at the end of December 2020, so the third doses could be administered at the end of December “. Health, Andrea Costa, guest of CusanoItaliaTv. “We are in a position to continue with the daily 500 thousand doses of” anti Covid “vaccine and with the” goal of “herd immunity by the end of September. We can do it “, confirmed Costa, also reiterating that” school in the presence is a primary objective of the Government “.” Prime Minister Draghi has also put it among his priorities -he stressed-. We have to resume the school year in attendance and I believe the conditions exist. We have 2 months ahead to continue with the vaccination campaign. Today the percentage of young people is low, but with the 16 million vaccinations we can do a month there is every possibility of expanding the audience of young people. of prudence and we must not transform prudence into fear. The data tell us that the Delta variant is less aggressive on vaccinated citizens and rarely causes hospitalizations. The vaccine reacts positively and we can look to the future with optimism. Today, considering the number of infections, we can improve tracking and circumscribe critical issues “.



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