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Johnson reopens UK, what experts say


Boris Johnson reopens everything in Great Britain. Despite the increase in infections due to the Indian variant of the covid, the British premier confirmed the stop to the restrictions starting from July 19: away the masks, therefore, and no more social distancing. London plans to register up to 100 thousand new infections a day in the coming weeks. Johnson himself remarked that “unfortunately it is necessary to reconcile with the idea of ​​other covid deaths”. But is it right to reopen, as the UK is doing, despite the increase in cases? Read also Abrignani: “In Gb delta variant as flu” “It seems that the Delta variant in Great Britain, the country in the western world that first experienced it with a high rate of vaccinations, is a domesticated influenza-type virus”, said the immunologist Sergio Abrignani, a member of the Scientific Technical Committee, who spoke at ‘Agorà estate’ on Rai Tre. The British choice to remove the anti-Covid restrictions from July 19, “is a choice that has a scientific basis”, linked to the “numbers of vaccinated people, intensive care admissions, deaths”. If “it’s downgraded to influence, then openness makes both sanitary and political sense,” added Abrignani. “When asked if other more dangerous variants can arrive, I answer: we hope not, but we cannot exclude it so it is necessary to monitor”, he concluded. Abrignani therefore reiterates that “with vaccines you can get infected, but you avoid the severe forms of Covid and death. And there is no alternative, because if the alternative is not to get vaccinated, there is the certainty of getting hurt”. “The message is: the protection, with the vaccine, of what really hit us in this year and a half – severe forms, ICU admissions, deaths – is excellent. Protection from mild and asymptomatic forms is acceptable, between 65 and 75%. But if you are vaccinated you almost completely avoid severe forms and death “. Galli:” Johnson’s political choice, not for the common good “The choice of Great Britain is wrong according to Massimo Galli. “Boris Johnson makes a political choice. I do not think it is a choice for the common good of the nation, let me doubt it …”, says the head of infectious diseases of the Sacco to L’aria che tira – estate. And in Italy? “We have vaccinated a lot, not enough but a lot. We are reasonably sure, the Delta variant and the Delta Plus variant can also infect the vaccinated: but those who are vaccinated are not sent to hospital or to resuscitation, except for some very unfortunate cases of people who do not have responded to vaccination. These variants have a more marked ability to spread: soon we will find only Delta variants, the point is to understand how many we will isolate “, highlights Galli. “The virus is still able to hit people at greater risk in a hard way. Right now the infections concern young and healthy people, so we will have many asymptomatic people. But it is clear that a 65-year-old, if he did not want to vaccinate , if you get the infection you are at risk. You shouldn’t think you can do without the vaccine because the others have vaccinated themselves: this variant can do damage at least like the previous ones “, adds.Pregliasco:” Critical decision “Along the same lines Fabrizio Pregliasco’s thought: “It is to be hoped, and in my opinion we must attend by waiting, that mortality, which is the last of the parameters that grows, does not increase in England”, says the virologist, professor at the State University of Milan, defining ” a political decision that can be criticized “the one taken by the British Prime Minister, to reopen everything, also removing the obligation to wear a mask indoors.” It makes no sense to ruin for political reasons what has been earned through suffering. ggio then having to take a step back as in Israel where they put the mask back. This choice is incomprehensible “, urges the virologist who warns:” We must continue to monitor hospital admissions. It still takes about fifteen days to be able to say that overall in real life the vaccine has a confirmed positive action “. Bassetti:” From the United Kingdom a lesson for Italy “Matteo Bassetti has the opposite opinion:” A lesson comes from the United Kingdom for Italy: we must learn a new reasoned coexistence with the coronavirus “, says the head of Infectious Diseases at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, at the Adnkronos Salute.” This is – he adds – the reasoning made by Boris Johnson for reopenings announced even with the increase in cases, and it is absolutely acceptable. If we have to remove the restrictions it is right to do so now when it is summer and the schools are closed. In addition, in the UK they will soon reach 70% vaccination coverage with two doses of the population. What do we need to learn? That there is a reasoned risk and that we should live with the coronavirus. So we will not have impressive numbers like in past waves, but we could also have 7-8 thousand deaths a year in Italy which will unfortunately be a physiological tribute to the circulation of the virus “.” The British were the masters of European and world infectious disease – observes the expert – Yesterday when Johnson spoke he was with the English Fauci and the heads of health care, they are shared decisions. They have an increase in cases, but the number of deaths and hospitalizations is quite stable, the vaccines also work against the Delta variant. But I fear that the English approach will not be understood very much by us. “



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