Moro, from an international survey on mail ex Br Casimirri exchanges with Lojacono on via Fani

From an international investigation into the electronic mailboxes of the superlatitant of the BR Alessio Casimirri, now a Nicaraguan citizen, a series of conversations with the former Brigadier Alvaro Lojacono about the ambush in via Fani emerged. This is what the prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte revealed during the hearing of the Review on the request for release from seizure documents (rejected by the Court) presented by the defense of the former terrorist and now historical researcher Paolo Persichetti, investigated by the prosecutors of Rome for a subversive association aimed at terrorism and aiding and abetting with the accusation of having disclosed confidential material “acquired and / or elaborated by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro”. This was reported by Persichetti himself, who today, on his blog, explained how the prosecutor, at the hearing, in explaining the investigation against Persichetti himself, referred to the fact that “Lojacono first conversed with Persichetti who posed questions, raised questions and then talked about it with Casimirri “. “I have not yet had access to these papers, and not even the judges of the review who decided on the word of the prosecutor, I can only hypothesize that in all probability this happened in the years in which the preparatory work that led to the book” Brigate red, from the factories to the spring campaign “.” Clearly – underlines Persichetti -, in those exchanges there are no new names, otherwise the police authorities would have already intervened, but in their eyes this normal activity of interrogating testimonial sources, proper to a historiographical research work, it appears suspicious, worthy of further investigations and seizures. More than forty years after the facts, the police want to poke their nose into historical research, criminalizing the activity of studying and listening to sources “. PERSICHETTI: ‘EXCHANGE OF FIORONI-LOJACONO LETTERS FOR EX BR AUDITION IN COMMISSION’ – A what reconstructs Persichetti in a statement to the judges of the review court there was an exchange of letters between the former Br Alvaro Loiacono and the then president of the Moro 2 Commission Giuseppe Fioroni to agree on a hearing of the former brigatista, convicted among other things for the Moro case and the murder of the young militant Missino Mikis Mantakas. In particular, Persichetti, after having reconstructed his personal events and the path that led him to become a historical researcher and to work on the 70s and in particular on the Br and the Moro case, also coming into contact with the Commission, tells of how in July 2015 the Commission had heard “the Foreign Minister who in summarizing the extraditional events he had reported incorrect information regarding Lojacono’s position. The former Br, explains Persichetti, “communicated his disappointment and his intention to intervene on the matter. I informed the member of the commission with whom I was in contact, who in turn talked about it with President Fioroni who was immediately interested In fact, in the autumn of 2015 the Moro 2 Commission had launched a new phase: the president of the Commission was convinced of the need to audit the former militants of the BR who in the past had always refused, due to the conspiracy reconstructions advanced by the commissions. In some public statements he had declared that the time had come to listen to these brigatists. The intention to intervene expressed by Dr. Baragiola therefore seemed to comfort the plans of President Fioroni “. It is at this point that we arrive at the Fioroni-Lojacono correspondence:” Between November and the end of December 2015 there was an intense work that led to an exchange of letters between Dr. Baragiola and the President Fioroni, a flow of communication that inevitably placed me in the position of a vehicle for reciprocal messages that passed through a third person, a member of the Commission. It is within this context, absolutely known to President Fioroni, that I sent some pages of the draft of the first report relating to a crucial point of the affair, on which the friction between our reconstruction of the kidnapping and the hypothesis put forward by the Commission, namely the abandonment in via Licinio Calvo of the three cars with which the brigatisti had fled from via Fani. And it is starting from the requests for clarifications made to several witnesses, not only to Dr. Baragiola, that the long path of reconstruction of the action in via Fani in all its aspects, logistical and political, has begun. A work conducted in complete transparency, without any conspiratorial artifice, through e-mails and various social networks and face-to-face appointments with sources resident in Italy “.” Mr. Baragiola – writes Fioroni in a letter to Lojacono of 18 December 2015 that Adnkronos has I was able to view – I read carefully your letter of last November 25, with which you intended to rectify some statements made to the Commission which I have the honor of presiding over by the Minister of Foreign Affairs during his hearing on July 15 and, in particularly, the statement that ‘the Italian judges, in the summer of 1988, requested his extradition to Switzerland without success’. The documented circumstances reported by you certainly deserve adequate investigation and the Bureau of the Commission, integrated by the representatives of the groups, has therefore ordered the appropriate investigations. Should it be confirmed that the sentence you have suffered in Switzerland refers to the same facts for which you were sentenced in absentia in Italy, it would be necessary to recognize the anomaly of such a situation and take note of the need to remedy it “.” Coming then – we read in another passage of the letter – to your decision to refuse a possible ‘call for questioning’ by the Commission, I can understand that from the point of view of a ‘former communist militant’, as you define yourself, there are perplexities and mistrust of the work of a parliamentary commission of inquiry. However, I invite you to consider that your contribution to the reconstruction of the Moro case would not only respond to the need to clarify the still obscure aspects of an event that has dramatically marked the history of the country, but would also allow you to represent, in an institutional setting, the point of view of those who in his letter are defined as the ‘vanquished’ of the conflicts of the years “. In the next few days, Fioroni then announces in the letter to Lojacono,” a request for judicial assistance will be forwarded to the Swiss authorities in order to allow the by the Commission, in Swiss territory, not of an interrogation, but of a free hearing, during which he would have the opportunity to clarify his position and illustrate his version of the facts (…) I therefore hope – on the compliant notice of the Bureau, supplemented by the representatives of the groups – which does not want to oppose such an initiative of mutual interest “.

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