Milan, shot his companion to death: sentenced to life imprisonment

He shot his partner to death in April a year ago in full lockdown. The judges of the Milan Assize Court sentenced Antonio Vena to life imprisonment, the man who confessed to the murder of the woman, killed in her sleep in her home in Trucazzano in the Milan area. The court accepted the request of the public prosecutor, the prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia, and did not grant the extenuating circumstances. The victim worked in Milan as a tram driver of the Milanese transport company (Atm) and had been in a relationship with the murderer for about nine years, with ups and downs, a relationship that she had decided to end. The story of the murder In the course of the trial, the defendant had given his version of what happened: “I was crying, I got on the sofa and wiped my face in her pajamas, she got annoyed, she said I was okay. dirtying with tears. In that moment I realized that I had lost everything and that my life was falling apart. ” Hence the decision to take up the rifle. “I shot in the dark, I didn’t take aim,” he said. The reasons for the sentence will be announced in 90 days.

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