Covid, Pregliasco: “Contagion on the rise? Obvious after openings”

Coronavirus infections on the rise in Italy? “It was obvious. The reopening ignites the spread of the disease regardless.” Thus at Adnkronos Salute virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan, on the stop to the decrease in cases and the increase that is being recorded in other countries despite vaccinations. Read also “The vaccine, we know, is mainly used to reduce severe cases and the heavy effects of the disease – recalls the expert – and in any case does not have 100% protection. We, having opened, have increased the probability of having contacts. And at this stage, the more contacts we are the more likely we are to run into an infected contact. Because there is still a mass of positives. ” “It is true – underlines Pregliasco – that the current mass of positives in Italy is not particularly high: yesterday there were about 43 thousand confirmed cases, but in my opinion they will be at least triple because many either do not arrive at the notification, or avoid the notification or do not know not even to have Covid because the characterizing element of the variants seems to have asymptomatic forms. All this to say that there are 150 thousand Italians who are positive and potentially contagious. When there was the lockdown – the virologist recalls – each of us had on average 2 or 3 contacts a day, now we have 100. And then with the variants. So the situation will be this and I was convinced of it from the beginning “.

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