Galli: “Johnson reopens everything? He does not choose the common good”

“Boris Johnson makes a political choice. I don’t think it’s a choice for the common good of the nation, let me doubt it …”. Professor Massimo Galli thus answers the questions about the choice of England: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the total reopening from July 19: away the mask, stop social distancing, even if an increase in cases and an inevitable number of deaths is expected . And in Italy? “We have vaccinated a lot, not enough but a lot. We are reasonably sure, the Delta variant and the Delta Plus variant can also infect the vaccinated: but those who are vaccinated are not sent to hospital or resuscitation, except for some very unfortunate cases of people who do not have respond to vaccination. These variants have a more marked ability to spread: soon we will find only Delta variants, the point is to understand how many we will isolate “, says the head of infectious diseases of Sacco at L’aria che tira – estate. “The virus is still able to hit people at greater risk in a hard way. Right now the infections concern young and healthy people, so we will have many asymptomatic people. But it is clear that a 65-year-old, if he did not want to vaccinate , if you get the infection you are at risk. Don’t think you can do without the vaccine because the others have vaccinated themselves: this variant can do damage at least like the previous ones “, he adds. Reopening of discos: yes or no? “If we are able to open with strict rules, the disco can even become an area of ​​prevention and information. But if we are unable to apply anything …”.

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