Delta variant, here are the 10 rules to follow

“The estimate of the current transmission trend allows us to predict that, in the month of August, over 80% of new” coronavirus “infections will be supported by the Delta variant. From these simple premises arises a behavioral decalogue whose rules, like it or not, they should not be disregarded in the interest of the individual and of the community in which he is included “. This was underlined by the immunologist Mauro Minelli, responsible for the South of the Italian Foundation for Personalized Medicine, to Adnkronos Health. Here is Minelli’s decalogue: 1) “Even today the anti-Covid prevention measures cannot, nor must they weaken to the point of being lost in the widespread belief of an alleged safety now fully acquired. This is not the case. The pandemic, entrusted to capricious mutations of a virus that is far from defeated, can re-manifest itself with rapid increases in daily cases, this time extended to all age groups, and with consequent hospitalizations and deaths; 2) On a national audience of about 53 and a half million people , currently in Italy the population that has undergone vaccination is equal to 58%, but only 36.7% have completed the vaccination cycle. So – he warns – at the moment he is only partially protected by a single dose of vaccine on the 21st , 3% which, added to 42% of the never vaccinated population, constitutes a very large group of people, mostly young people, in whom the Delta variant can be a risk of infection and, therefore, cause of disease “.3)” After a long p period of postponements linked to the more restrictive limitations imposed by lockdowns, these days we are witnessing the multiplication of a great variety of parties (weddings, confirmations and first communions) open to different and numerous guests who, first in churches and then in restaurants or salons used for the ceremonies, crowd without any precaution – Minelli remarks – The planned checks at the entrance to the premises with the display, by the guests, of the relative certificates of vaccination, not even the shadow. And there, in the middle of the party, children, adolescents and young people, all not yet vaccinated. Of course, we don’t suspend the holidays. But not even the necessary precautions imposed by reason, even before the Dpcm “. 4)” It is the vaccine that confers the right protection in a short time – recalls the immunologist – And it is desirable that the full vaccination of all groups of the population at high risk of Covid is carried out as soon as possible to continue to keep hospitalizations and deaths low. Just as it is hoped that all people already undergoing the administration of the first dose of vaccine can receive a second dose in the right time interval provided for each type of vaccine “; 5)” Do not discard the masks, do not be satisfied with covering only the mouth, do not exhibit them as an accessory to be kept hanging from the ear as if they were the documentable testimony of respect for the rules that have become less pressing today. Those rules, today, are urgent and cannot be postponed exactly as in the spring just passed “. 6)” Do not crowd, do not cease the good rule of distancing, do not give in to the temptation to imagine that the critical time has now passed – admonishes Minelli – Who, in Australia, he was able to ascertain that the Delta variant contagion is exceptionally rapid, he also documented that the same infection occurred between two strangers who, without a mask, passed close to each other inside a supermarket in Sidney “. 7)” To access with a reasonable safety margin in public or private places frequented by several people, it is not enough to have carried out a molecular swab a few hours before, which turned out to be negative for infection in progress – observes Minelli – The spread of this variant from one subject to another seems to be very rapid, consuming itself in a time ranging between 5 and 10 seconds, and can occur from a vaccinated subject, unaware ole asymptomatic carrier of the mutated virus, to an unvaccinated subject negative to a swab carried out a few hours earlier. And in the latter, the infection may take place in a form that is anything but asymptomatic “. 8)” Access to trattorias and restaurants, reopened to a very wide audience of people eager for sociability and conviviality, is mostly characterized from the religious observance of the mask worn with rigorous criteria from the door of the room to the reserved table. Reached which, the mask remains an individual accessory reserved only for waiters who juggle the maze of tables tightly packed together. And so – underlines the immunologist – those rules launched to ensure the maintenance of an appropriate distance between customers of different tables, now only a memory remains to be archived. Taking this into account could mean avoiding new unfortunate closures which, considering the current trend, could already reveal themselves in August “.9)” Avoid, especially if in public contexts open to a broad and indistinct audience, to give in to the temptation of winking messages and one-way oriented towards the reassurance of the masses – Minelli recommends – Phrases such as ‘Delta variant infection is like a cold’ sounds like the emotional re-edition of data and facts tragically unmasked by a post-truth that, in spring 2020 , has paid dearly for the unfortunate attempt to sweeten a story that is anything but a happy ending “. 10)” Take action to convince as many people as possible undecided or diverted from toxic sources to immunoprotect themselves, since it is thanks to vaccination it is possible to keep the incidence rates of Covid-19 at manageable levels. And, on the other hand, a desirable acceleration of vaccination coverage procedures could only have a decidedly winning effect on the reduction of infections, hospitalizations and deaths, especially in the groups of subjects most at risk “, concludes the immunologist.

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