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‘Good morning skin’, the campaign on mild and moderate psoriasis begins


Psoriasis affects 80% in a mild / moderate form, but it is precisely patients with these forms, who require constant topical treatments, who do not adequately follow the therapy. Dermatologists often complain of non-adherence in patients with milder and more localized forms of psoriasis than in those who live with those moderate / severe forms that require systemic or biological therapies administered in the hospital. To fill this gap, ‘Buongiorno Pelle’ was born, the campaign of the Association of Italian psoriasis friends of the Corazza Foundation (Apiafco), created with the unconditional contribution of Leo Pharma to sensitize patients and caregivers on the importance of correct long-term management mild / moderate psoriasis. The campaign – reports a note – aims to promote a new approach to the management of the disease that provides for the acceptance of continuous therapy even when the skin is ‘apparently healthy’. Only through the awareness of the chronicity of their disease, which necessarily requires a lasting and uninterrupted therapeutic management, can the patient suffering from psoriasis experience a better quality of life. The new campaign – which sees the patronage of the scientific societies Adoi (Association of Italian dermatologists-venereologists in hospitals and public health), Aida (Italian association of outpatient dermatologists), and Simg (Italian Society of general medicine and primary care – “is a project designed and dedicated to those who suffer from less severe forms of psoriasis and their caregivers so that they are more aware in dealing with this chronic disease in their daily life, taking control of it, never letting their guard down and, above all, not abandoning treatments “, comments Valeria Corazza, president of Apiafco. The fulcrum of the campaign is a landing page that collects information and insights useful to undertake a better and more active management of mild to moderate psoriasis; in the landing an emotional video shows everyday life since waking up, because today , those suffering from mild to moderate psoriasis can – with simple attentions – take care of your own skin. An immediate gesture that becomes part of the routine, as pleasant as a hot shower or the scent of a coffee in the morning. A simplicity that helps to start the day in a positive way and not to feel different. Furthermore, at it is possible to listen to podcasts that tell the intimate and intense journey into the emotions of those who over time have learned to live with psoriasis and take care of themselves and their skin.A social communication campaign, finally – reports the note – it will be conveyed on the profiles of Apiafco, following an editorial plan that incorporates the creativity of the campaign, the video, the key photographic contributions, conveying simple and motivating messages. “Psoriasis is a chronic disease – says Francesco Cusano, president of Adoi – for which there is no definitive cure; however, a long-term maintenance therapy and the adoption of correct lifestyle habits allow it to be kept under control, avoiding any flare-ups of the symptoms and ensuring the patient a high standard of quality of life “.” Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects 2 to 4% of the world population – recalls Alessandro Martella, president of Aida. – It is a chronic autoimmune disease – relapsing that causes well-demarcated red and scaly patches on the skin and often causes annoying itching and burning. Generally occurs in non-serious forms on the outside of the elbows, knees, trunk and scalp “. In the daily management of psoriasis, the dermatologist is at the patient’s side, being followed by a specialist and scrupulously adhering to medical prescriptions is fon critical to take back one’s life. “The impact of the disease on the quality of life of patients is strong – declares Claudio Cricelli, president of Simg – There are frequent cases of anxiety and depression, the patient feels stigmatized and has difficulties in social relationships , especially if the disease affects visible or sensitive parts of the body. These consequences can also affect those affected by the mild to moderate form of psoriasis and not only patients with a severe form. “” We are thrilled to support Apiafco in this new project in favor of people with psoriasis “, comments Paolo Pozzolini, Vp and General Manager Leo Pharma Italy. “Our company has always been committed to supporting patients with skin diseases with a strong impact on the quality of life. We firmly believe that every effort in this direction can represent a new step to help lighten the burden of the disease “, he concludes.

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