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Covid, Sileri: “In October, the virus will return and the unvaccinated will go to the hospital”


“Those over 60 who are not vaccinated run a risk for themselves, not just for society. In October there will be a resurgence in the circulation of the virus and, unfortunately, with this circulation, even if not comparable to last year, mainly those who will go to the hospital he has not been vaccinated. And it is too high a risk “. This was stated by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, who spoke on the Omnibus broadcast, on ‘la 7’. Those over 60 who are still unvaccinated “should go and get vaccinated not only to protect the community but for themselves. The risk is that we will have younger children who cannot be vaccinated, because there is no vaccine for them, then we will have a range of people. over 60 who has not been vaccinated “, with the possibility of infection passing from children to unvaccinated grandparents who then” go to intensive care and die. Today dying again coronavirus, having a vaccine, is nonsense. With vaccination the chances of death are very close to zero, “he said. As for the vaccination campaign, Sileri maintains that “from mid-July the number of people who ask to be vaccinated against Covid will tend to drop”. Considering “who goes on vacation and who says ‘why do I have to get vaccinated when then I have to take the third dose?’, And postpone it. Or the hesitant or those who are not no-vax but very close. People will tend not to get vaccinated and we have to increase our information campaign and push them towards vaccination. I am concerned about this. ” “Today – he added – there is talk of a 5% reduction in vaccination supplies between June and July, this very modest decline, considering that 45 million doses of mRna vaccine will arrive between July and September, will be lower than the reduction in requests. of first vaccinations. In two or three weeks the demand of citizens will drop substantially “. All this not just because people go on vacation. “When we reached 40 million people with the first dose, out of the 53 million vaccinable subjects (8 million are under 12 years old and not vaccinable), we have certainly reached a high vaccination rate, but it is not enough for protection. of community “. It will be necessary to “convince people who have not vaccinated”, concluded Sileri, recalling that fortunately “the 2 and a half million 60-year-olds, previously hesitant, are approaching vaccination because they were mainly people who did not want AstraZeneca or J&J and now they book with a mRna vaccine “.



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