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Elba, domestic accident was actually murder: her husband was arrested


At first it seemed like a tragic domestic accident but then the investigations by the carabinieri revealed that it was a murder: Silvia Del Signore, 59, was killed in her home on the island of Elba by her husband, Mohamed. Saif, 45 years old from Morocco, occasional carpenter. Thus on the order of the Livorno Public Prosecutor’s Office, which directed the investigations, the carabinieri of the Livorno investigative unit and the Portoferraio company, today executed the precautionary custody order, issued by the Gip of the Livorno Court, against Saif , who was taken to the Livorno prison. The death of Silvia Del Signore, a difficult life, for some time followed by social services, took place on May 1st on the outskirts of Portoferraio. Initially it seemed like a tragic fate: a domestic accident, which took place in the bathroom, where the woman was found lying on the floor. The Carabinieri of the Elban Company, however, during the inspection and the other investigative activities immediately carried out on the spot had acquired elements that made us suspect about the exact dynamics of the tragic event. The confirmation came from the results of the autopsy. The traumatic rupture of the spleen caused the woman’s death. Following this finding, the Livorno investigative unit, headed by Deputy Prosecutor Giuseppe Rizzo, has developed further investigation activities. And a disconcerting picture emerged. At least since 2016 Silvia Del Signore has been the victim of mistreatment by her husband. The latter not only subjected her to “an unsustainable and painful lifestyle”, as the Gip writes in the charge against Saif, “but on several occasions he used physical violence against her”. So on 1 May last her husband, at the height of yet another quarrel, repeatedly hit the woman with kicks, punches and even with a stick, causing her to rupture her spleen and, consequently, to death. All for futile reasons. The husband does not even hesitate to raise the alarm, claiming that his wife had died of a tragic fatality while she was alone in the bathroom. A version removed from the autopsy and other investigations by the military of the weapon. Mohamed Saif, however, did not confess to being the perpetrator of the murder.



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